The luxury house was born from the desire to create sustainable and elegant fashion

Inspired by the 4 elements, Olistic The Label explores the connection between the human beings and the Earth. Our sustainable luxury house was born from the desire to create both ethical and elegant garments. Based on biomimicry, our collection is made out of 100% natural certified organic fibers.

Founded in 2018, our committed brand aims at redefining the daywear and eveningwear by blending minimalist and timeless silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. Our name comes from “holistic” and is meant for a whole approach where human beings share a deep connection with the Earth.

Each garment is designed with eco-friendly materials such as peace silk, wood fiber and upcycled fibers. 

As a creator of social impact, the brand supports the work of women in organic sericulture cooperatives in India.In the deep Vedic tradition of Ahimsa (non-violence), the Silk of Peace is more than just a material: it’s a whole process respecting the silkworm’s life. As an ultimate embodiment of poetry, silk flows on every woman’s body in a touch of assertive sensuality lead by a free and wild mind.

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