Artist: Chambord, Creange, Mâhfoud, Joep Mencke, Dandara, Toprak Baris, Meloko, Selim Sivade, Deenara
EP: From Midnight To Six
Label: Around Midnight

No: AM004
Release date: 24th February 2023

Soundcloud Link :

For their fourth release on their own label Around Midnight, French duo Chambord takes us to their own kind of party through a carefully curated compilation. 6 tracks, one per hour from midnight to 6am, meant to be the first volume of a full nocturnal exploration.
From Midnight to Six is also the occasion for Chambord to let us have a look into the enchanting treasure chest they recently collected thanks to their many travels and encounters. Each track is a well-kept gem, containing the story of a joyful meeting, both musical and human, that lead to an out-of-the-box project, always enchanting, sometimes surprising.

“Encore” by Chambord and Creange sets the pace for an energetic and enlightening night with its roaring baseline assorted with sharp synthesizers and sexy French vocals.

“Got To Learn” embodies a beautiful travel through space and time : in his remix Joep Mencke dropped an introspection touch to the Mâhfoud version by deepening the baseline, therefore transforming the original Korgis’slow hit from the 1980s into a track that is fully club-ready for 2023.

With “Sorbet”, Swiss DJ and producer Dandara drives us onto a peaceful and sun-kissed journey in contrast with his previous body of work; but do not be mistaken, the track’s powerful baseline and trumpets paired with an intriguing out-of-space vibe and joyful bells will certainly make you dance further into the night.

It’s already 3am, and time to put some speed back into the mix thanks to the multi-faceted talent of Turkish DJ and producer Toprak Baris. He shows with “Fuego” a new and deeper side of his art topped by enchanting Spanish vocals that gently take us by the hand into a world of enlightened darkness.

“What You Wanted” by French DJs and producers Meloko and Selim Sivade assert them as the new rising stars of the electronic scene thanks to their own signature flavor of exotic beats. The track elegantly leads to the point where you can either go home happy or pursue your night refueled with an ascending energy.

And finally, Deenara’s “The Noble Act” answers to the 6am call back to the dancefloor with its deep beats and profound vocals that invite to search further into ourselves while keeping on moving.

After such a first dive into own their kind of night, both entertaining and introspective, surprising yet empowering, we are looking forward to discovering what Around Midnight has in store for the next hours of their nocturnal journey!