Artist: Chambord, Roze (Fr), Valentin Huedo, Wahm, Dandara EP: Fortune Teller EP
Label: Around Midnight
No: AM005

Release date: 24th April 2023

Soundcloud Link :

For their fifth release on their own label Around Midnight, French duo Chambord entrusted both Fate and Friendship : this new “Fortune Teller” EP can be read like palm lines where 3 originals are craftily intertwined with 3 remixes.

Chambord’s long-term friendship with French DJ and producer Roze allowed them to develop a slightly different sound thread running through the whole EP : mystical beats support organic guitars and/or piano anthems which act as the main characters of the story. The remix of each track can be then heard as a sequel, with its own color and dramatic touch.

“Fortune Teller” sets the tone with its ascending and mesmerizing beats, while the guitar pinches drop like touches of sunlight on a peaceful sea of piano notes.
On Valentin Huedo’s version one can sense his Ibiza touch thanks to the addition of diffracted vocals and the strengthening of the baseline that turn the track into an essential club anthem.

“The Alchemist” puts the drums forward with a “bonfire” vibe that is heightened by tribe vocals. In contrast, the light electronic tunes bring a sense of togetherness : a sound formula that rises high into the night sky.
In Wahm’s lively remix, the psychedelic aspect of the track is enhanced with a thrilling combination of higher pitches and electric guitar, reminders of the roaring scene of Casablanca, Wahm’s native city.

“Merlin Diviner” embarks us on a soulful journey with its warm baseline mixed with solar guitar touches and ascending keyboards effects inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. For his second collaboration with Chambord, Dandara throws a dark yet enchanting touch to the track by using deeper beats that make the guitar part shine even more, thereby tracing a stellar pathway to any club or festival.

With its mystic yet joyful musical storyline, no doubt that “Fortune Teller” will put a spell on your ears and your heart thanks to its enchanting diversity.